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Published By: Capcom
Developed By: Backbone Entertainment
Genre: Fighting
Players: 1-2
Rated: E10 (Everyone 10 and Up)
Release Date November 25, 2008
Screenshots: Link
Price: $14.99 (1200 MS Points)
Written By: Matthew Prunty

We all know the era of the Super Nintendo and SEGA Genesis has brought about great franchises and memorable moments for gamers around the world. The biggest memory for me and many was the release of Super Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting. Iím not sure how much people paid for their copy, by this title set back me and my older brother $82, which at the time was a lot of a video game. Hours upon hours were spent battling it out with the computer, older brother, and family, honing my skills and mastering the vast array of characters within the title. Fast forward sixteen years, and Capcom has recreated the magic with Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles. With reworked visuals, soundtrack and fighting system, Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix has proved it can successfully survive the test of time, while still getting gamers to jump for joy.

The question on many gamersí minds is whether the title would successfully make the transition from its 16bit counterpart and into the era of online gaming and High Definition gaming. Honestly, the new and improved Super Street Fighter II Turbo is better than ever, catering to gamers of old and new, while maintaining its solid gameplay mechanics. Unlike the fighting games of modern times, there isnít much to Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix. You can take part in three distinct modes: Arcade, Training and Multiplayer. The first two modes are standard, with multiplayer bringing both online and offline battles to playerís consoles around the world.

For those gamers who just jump straight into the game, they will notice a complete reworking of the original property. The sprites, both main and background characters, have been completely reworked to embrace the HD era. The reworking of the character models brings about added layers of details to each and every character. The backdrops have also been reworked with HD visuals. For those who are nostalgic, you can opt to switch back to the original sprites, which will take you back. Whether you play nostalgic or HD, you will love to visual experience. The only gripe with this ability is the fact that only the fighting characters are reset to the original sprites. Having the option to play the original game in its visual glory would have been a sweet addition.

Next to the visuals, you will also notice that the combat system has been tweaked, to better balance the fighters, taking away the advantage many new about from the original title. This definitely a bonus for those new to the franchise, let alone this title, while offering up another layer of difficulty for veteran gamers looking for a challenge. However, if you want to play within the classic setup of the original title, you can switch to the Classic setting within the options menu. Within HD Remix, many special moves seem to be easier to pull off, though I didnít have any problems with doing the same within the Classic version. The HD Remix option also ties into the musical soundtrack within the game. You have the classic tunes of the original Super Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting, and then you have reworked versions of the same tracks, which give off a unique and flavorable vibe that you can easy get into.

I touched on this earlier, but this is the first Super Street Fighter II title to boast online gameplay, and whether you have an Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 console, you will take full advantage of this mode. You can compete within tournament battles, ranking battles, or simply looking for someone to play against. For the most part, the online experience is very solid. Out of 30 online battles, only three of them actually showed some lag, but it wasnít enough to cause one player to become dominant over another.

For those who own the original version of the game, HD Remix is a plus for them, offering up impressive visuals, a reworked soundtrack and the addition of online gameplay. For now gamers to the title and/or the franchise, HD Remix offers up a solid gaming experience, both online and off that will bring about memories that will last a lifetime. One this is for sure about Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, gamers will be setting up countless tournaments around the world, blending the old-school gamers with the new.


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