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Chertsey, United Kingdom – November 20th 2006: The Game Factory today announces the UK launch date of Garfield’s Nightmare for Nintendo DS as March 9th 2007.

Garfield’s Nightmare – a rock solid platform game with gorgeous graphics – sees everyone’s favourite fat feline, Garfield, trapped in a lasagne, pizza and donut induced nightmare! A severe case of over-indulgence before bed leads to a dream so bad he can’t wake up – without piecing together his smashed alarm clock to free him from his fretful slumber. Enemies and crazy challenges litter his path so think fast and play smart to save the day – and night – for Garfield!

Appealing to gamers of all ages, but specifically boys and girls aged 7-12, players will be able to:

  • Play through 16 challenging levels to find each of the four alarm clock pieces!
  • Tackle four different 3D, thematic worlds: Haunted Castle, Cloudy Realm, Kitchen Kingdom and Winter Wonderland.
  • Take on tough bosses of the dream world who must be conquered in order to progress.
  • Unlock hidden minigames to win the keys to a mysterious chest at the end of each level. Each mini game uses the Nintendo DS touch screen.
  • Help Garfield maintain his energy level by collecting lots of tasty food throughout the game including donuts and, of course, lasagne!

About The Game Factory:
The Game Factory is an international publisher of video and computer games based on leading international children’s characters. The Game Factory is a subsidiary of K.E. Mathiasen Group A/S, one of the largest children’s products companies in Northern Europe.

About Garfield:
The lasagne-loving and cynical fat cat is the brainchild of cartoonist Jim Davis.

  • Garfield, the most widely syndicated comic strip in the world, has over 263 million readers, published in 2,570 papers in 63 countries daily.
  • The Garfield image is licensed to over 400 manufacturers in 111 countries
  • 135 million Garfield books have been sold to date

receives two million visitors each month

SOURCE: Press Release

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