About Us

The beginning of Gaming Evolution must have started back in February of 2002, when J.J. Remsheart and Matthew Prunty founded Nintendo Revolution. Seeing how this was the first time that we had ever tried our hands at running our own website, you could tell we had a long way to go. We kept the members of the Nintendo and Sony boards up-to-date with news reporting from across the world. As you could probably tell, we were using freewebs.com to test things out.

The site went pretty strong for about a month until personal situations began getting in the way of keeping the site alive. Thus we believed it would be a good idea to close the doors to Nintendo Revolution until we could get this issue resolved.

As the year went on, there were thoughts of re-opening the website and giving it another try. However this time around, we decided to take a different approach. Free Webs is a service that’s good for small websites, but not for those who desire to get their names out there in the big world. As a result we switched to Blogger. With more storage space, Blogger allowed us to do so much more than what could have been done with our freewebs website. After spending several weeks putting things together, we officially opened the doors to Gaming Evolution on January 19th, 2005.

With the launch of the new and improved Nintendo Revolution, now known as Gaming Evolution, we decided to beef up the staff. Two founding staff members just weren’t enough. While also being avid members of the Nintendo forums, we managed to get a few of our trusted friends to help us out in running the website. Andrew S., Daniel Sims, and Seth J. finish off the staff for Gaming Evolution.

Since the day we launched our new and improved website, it has been going strong. This is partly due to the great friends and supporters we have around the world. We couldn’t have done this without them. So as we all look forward to the future of gaming, we the staff members at Gaming Evolution wish to be there every step of the way.

Staff Members


Matthew Prunty (Mprunty) — Owner/Head of PR — Email

J.J. Remsheart (Myahon) — Co-Director


Christian H. (The Hungry Platypus)

Marcus Prunty (Wolverinemarky)

Anthony Cara (WinterSoldier)

Tyler Norton (Shadyltd7)

Noel Del Pilar (Sonicphoto)

Daniel Sims (Redswirl) — Contributor