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Now that the PS3 is out and in the homes of thousands, Sony has decided to release the anticipated Version 3.9 of their firmware software for the PSP. This update adds lots of content and features tot he already impressive handheld. These new abilities include:

  • To play emulated PSone titles which have been purchased from the PlayStation Store.
  • Remote Play, which turns your PSP into a fancy remote for your PS3.
  • New timed recording option in the RSS Channel.
  • Camera support in the Photo Channel.
  • New visualization player.
  • Ability to turn off the PSP without auto loading up the UMD disc.

To go into detail about the Remote Play, basically you can control the functions of hte PS3 console via the PSP unit. Whether it be loading music, photos, video footage or taking control of the PS3 browser, it will all be possible via Sony’s mighty handheld.

For those who want to download the new update, simply clikc right here.

SOURCE: Pro-G, Playstation offical Japanese Website

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