Spartan: Total Warrior Preview

519PBZKDTYL,jpgPublished by: SEGA
Developed by: Creative Assembly
Genre: Action
Release Date: September 2005
Rated: RP (Rated Pending)
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Written by: Nintendomatt63

June 20, 2005 – Sparta was one of the greatest warrior nations on the face of the earth. Spartans used to start to train children to be warriors when they were around 5 years old. Imagine how strong you would be when you became an adult after all that training. The name of the game is Total Warrior, and the fact that your a Spartan shows that this game is off to a good start.

Sega makes a multitude of great games. However, Sega has been struggling to attract a more Western audience with its games. Now Sega is trying really hard to appeal with these gamers. Sega is working with developer Monolith on a variety of projects and the company has recently partnered up with developer Silicon Knights to begin work on a unannounced next-gen title. The biggest deal of all however to this new found commitment is the purchase of Creative Assembly who are best known for their Total War franchise on the PC. So Sega is trying really hard to try to appeal to a broader audience.

Developer Creative Assembly as you know is best known for there Total War franchise on the PC. In the Total War games you command entire armies. However Creative wanted to do something different with this new Total Warrior franchise for consoles. In this game you control only one Warrior. Now don’t feel disappointed, read the rest of the preview and you’ll start to love the game.

While the game has plenty of historical facts and settings, the game as a number of fantasy elements to it. You and your fellow Spartans will take up arms against the Roman Empire. Of coarse there are archers and swordsmen but you’ll also encounter ogres and towering titans of Greek mythology. You could wield man made arms (swords, shields etc..) or you could unleash powerful magic attacks. The backgrounds are also extremely accurate for that time period. Ancient Rome never looked so good.

If you are disappointed that you will not be commanding an entire army, don’t be. This game is all about action and there will be plenty of battles. For one, up to 4 armies could fight on the battlefield at the same time. Meaning there will be hundreds of warriors fighting all around you, like a real life battle. There will also be many enemies that will surround you. Now wait a sec, before you try to pull of any of that Dynasty Warriors crap, think about what your doing first. Creative Assembly did not want this game to be a hack and slash experience. In battle you’ll have to fight strategically. You’ll need to defend yourself till you find the ripest moment to attack your enemy. You could try that hack and slash stuff, but you’ll just get yourself killed.

You may only control one person in the game, the battlefield is swarming with allies and foes. Both allies and foes are extremely smart. Now I know you may want to go out and fight everyone off yourself. Now that’s great and all but unless you like ax’s and spears in your side, I suggest you stick with your allies. Your allies with protect you from enemy attack and in turn you protect them. Your allies are also useful for many other things beside watching your tail. You and your buds can do a multitude of things from tipping over a barrel full of boiling oil to operating a ballista. Of course your allies will have more important things to do than play bodyguard all day. They may have to go and defend against an entire attacking force. Now for the foes. Your foes are no push overs. They will plan strategies and work together to destroy an opposing army. So if you decided that you want to take a break from the action and just watch, your army won’t always end up on top. You’ll see battles won ant lost right before your eyes.

All in all the game is shaping up very nicely and I believe this will be one of the best games of the year. If you like history, this game is a must get. If you like action, this game is a must get. Sega is trying to appeal to a Western audience. Creative Assembly and Sega will have a big hit with this game and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

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