Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One Story DLC Now Available

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A Master Thief is on The Loose Sherlock| First Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One Story DLC – Beyond A Joke | Out Now

1 hour Story mission is included in the Season Pass
and Deluxe Edition or can be bought separately

17 December 2021 – Kyiv, Ukraine + Dublin, Ireland | Frogwares have wrapped and released the first of three major bonus story content additions for Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One.In this 1 hour+ story mission, Sherlock has to face off against a master thief who is targeting Cordona’s ultra-rich elite and doing so with brazen gusto and open mockery. The quest is activated by eavesdropping in Grand Saray. The second main quest (A Gilded Cage) must have been completed.

The Beyond a Joke DLC is available today (Friday, December 17th, 2021) at 6:00pm local time for all owners of the Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One Season Pass and Deluxe Editions or can be bought separately for $4.99. The DLC also comes with two additional cosmetic costumes for Sherlock.

The next two planned story missions are set for early 2022 releases and will center around Sherlock’s brother Mycroft and a mysterious shadow figure, only known as M.

Frogwares also recently confirmed that the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game are still being polished and the team is eyeing a Q1 2022 window to release.

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One is out now on PC (Steam, Epic, GOG), PS5, Xbox Series X/S on and later for PS4 and Xbox One

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